Taste of Anthroposophy


Seattle Waldorf Grade School, 2728 NE 100th ST, Seattle, WA 98115, Huckleberry Hall

Can't commit to the full Foundation Studies Program but would you like to understand more about the philosophy that informs Waldorf education?  Starting in September, sessions in the new Foundation Studies program (formerly called “Foundation Year”) will be open to the public. Each block, consisting of two-to-three consecutive Saturday mornings, will focus on essential aspects of Anthroposophy. You can mix and match, according to your availability and interest - a taste at a time.

The morning will begin with singing, followed by the practical and imaginative arts of clay modeling, painting, pastels, creative writing or form drawing to introduce the lecture content. No artistic experience is needed, just a willingness to explore.  Your artistic expression will be followed and complemented by a lecture that features a key Anthroposophical theme. Sessions include:

Threefold Social Order 

with, Michael Soule

Class Dates:  Saturday  5/20/17

Class Times:  11:00 am - 3:00 pm                                                                               

Class Location:  Seattle Waldorf Grade School, 2728 NE 100th ST, Seattle, WA 98115, Huckleberry Hall

Rudolf Steiner developed the idea of Three Fold Social order between 1917 and 1922.  The core concept recognizes three domains of human social activity: economic, legal, and cultural.  Steiner maintained that the health of human society depended on an adult population that understood the characteristics of each domain and could thereby organize society so that each domain enjoyed independence and autonomy.  

Cost $60