Offered Programs

Sound Circle Center offers a variety of programs in arts, anthroposophy and education

Summer Programs  In addition to our classes during the school year, each summer Sound Circle Center hosts programs for the greater community as well as professional development for teachers throughout North America. Hundreds of participants have attended intensive courses and workshops on Waldorf early childhood and grade school curriculum, eurythmy, board of trustees work, collegial work, the arts, remedial education and other pedagogical topics. Guest teachers from Europe and across America have joined our local faculty to offer superb courses where participants can renew themselves and replenish their forces for teaching and other work.

Foundation Studies  This part-time program provides a journey of self-discovery and renewal for those who desire to deepen their artistic sensibility and expression alongside a study of anthroposophy. This course forms a grounding in anthroposophical inner work and a foundation for further creative work. Foundation Studies (formerly Foundation Year) is considered the first year of the Sound Circle Teacher Training Program. Upon completion of the Foundation Year, each student meets with faculty members to determine if the teacher training program is the next step on their path.

Sound Circle Teacher Training  This program prepares students to practice Waldorf education in early childhood and grade school environments. Over a three-year period of part-time studies and summer intensives, students are immersed in the theory and practice of Waldorf education so that they are well-prepared and confident to work with children. Foundation Studies (formerly Foundation Year), focusing on anthroposophy and the arts, is considered the first year of our teacher training program. Read more

Parenting Courses  Our classes are designed to support parents to consciously work on their own development and self-discovery so that the lives of their children are affected in a positive way. Our courses draw upon a spiritual approach to parenting children from birth to seven to inspire balance, self-discovery, joy, hope, health and most of all: trust in oneself as a parent. We are currently running a fully enrolled course, Family Foundations , which began in October and runs through May one Saturday a month. We will be offering this course again next year. Read more

Sound Circle Story: Storytelling Workshops and Performances  Sound Circle is committed to bringing live storytelling to our area and has hosted a number of talented and reknown storytellers over the years, including Ashley Ramsden and Laura Simms.

Symposia  Over the years, Sound Circle has offered workshops through the year on such topics as Storytelling, Meeting Death in a Conscious Way, and Vocal Music as a Transformative Art.

Mentoring Seminar  Recognizing the need for continuing support of Waldorf teachers in the area, Sound Circle Center created a mentor training program for the twelve schools in the Pacific Northwest region. By helping veteran teachers become mentors and bring their considerable experience and support to other teachers in their schools, Sound Circle Center hopes to strengthen the community of Waldorf educators. The first course, with 25 participants, ended in 2008, the second round began in 2010 with 24 teachers from various Northwest schools. The seminar lasts for three years, meeting for two weekends each year.