Mary Oak

Mary Oak trained in Storytelling and Creative Writing and began her teaching at Emerson College in England. She holds a M.F.A in Creative Writing and a B.A. degree in Mythopoetics and Sacred Ecology, both from Antioch University. Mary's book, [i]Oratorio: One Woman's Journey through Love, Death and Modern Medicine,[/i] is about living and almost dying with a congenital heart disease -- mystically, medically, physically and metaphysically. In addition to teaching, Mary works as a writing guide with individuals and has been published in a variety of journals. She taught Language Arts at Hazel Wolf High School for five years and has been on the core faculty of Sound Circle Teacher Training since 1998. She is mother of three sons and a daughter, each of whom attended some years in a Waldorf school and are now in their twenties and thirties.