Dave Wakeley

Dave Wakeley was born in Texas and celebrated his third birthday the day before his family arrived in Washington. He was raised in Bellevue, earned his Mechanical Engineering degree at Washington State University and has worked at Boeing for over 30 years Dave's three children all attended the Seattle Waldorf School from Kindergarten through eighth grade. Dave served on the SWS Budget/Finance Committee for four years before beginning five years on the SWS Board including three years as Board Treasurer. When Dave's oldest child attended Hazel Wolf High School, Dave spent more than three years on the Hazel Wolf Board, serving as Board Treasurer for most of that time. Dave left the Hazel Wolf Board shortly before Hazel Wolf merged with SWS and became the Seattle Waldorf High School, which Dave's youngest child attended Dave's wife, Debora, is in her seventh year as the SWS Rosemary Kindergarten Assistant. Dave enjoys reading, traveling and scuba diving. Dave currently serves as the SCC board treasurer.