Early Childhood In-Service Program

APPLICATION DEADLINE is extended to June 14, 2018

Sound Circle training has made a world of difference in my teaching. The great variety of topics live with me every day. The wonderful study skills Holly suggested have deepened my understanding and access to our readings. So many wonderful teacher's voices live in me and work through me. With gratitude in my heart, I will always hear their echoes - Susan McNeff Skokan, EC-Inservice student


In the summer of 2012 Sound Circle Center in Seattle launched its first satellite program in Eastern Washington. Students from the region participated in Summer Intensives in Seattle during 2012, 2013 and 2014 and in monthly seminars in Spokane during the two intervening years. Six early childhood teachers graduated in 2014. A similar program began in Denver, Colorado in the following summer. Thirteen students in the Denver I cohort graduated and a second Denver cohort began in the summer of 2017.

Program Description

This is an In-service Program designed for students already working as assistant teachers, afternoon teachers or lead teachers in a Waldorf early childhood classroom. The program is comprised of 6 summer intensive weeks and 8 long weekend (4 day, Friday through Monday) seminars. The program combines foundational studies, artistic work, child and human development, the inner life of the teacher and practical aspects of Waldorf early childhood education.

Number of students and Application deadline  There would need to be a minimum of 10 students for the program to be viable. The maximum number of students is 16. The application deadline has been extended to June 14, 2018.

Length of Program  Six summer intensive weeks in Seattle (6 x 37.5 hours = 225 hours), four long weekends on Whidbey Island in each of the two intervening school years (28.5 hours per weekend x 8 = 227 hours). This represents a total of 452 contact hours. The probable new minimum for a WECAN recognized training is 450 contact hours. Additional time for interviews, orientation, and conference time with mentors represent additional contact hours that are not included in this total.

Half Program Option  Students may choose to enroll only in the first half of the program.  This option will be an excellent introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Education and will cost $5000.  Students who complete the full program will receive a WECAN recognized EC Certificate.

Cost  $10,000. The tuition covers the cost of the six summer intensive weeks and the 8 long weekend seminars, including 2 days of mentoring during each school year for a total of 4 days. The student is required to host and pay for the travel expenses of the mentor. SCC provides stipends to both in-house and outside mentor visits. Additional costs will include books and may include travel or housing for out-of-town students.

Program Director  Holly Koteen-Soule is the EC In-Service Program Director and will be the primary instructor for the weekend seminars, although the weekends will feature additional instructors for artistic work and areas of specialization. Summer Intensives in Seattle will introduce students to a rich and varied faculty.

Timing  Sound Circle anticipates beginning the program in summer of 2018. Summer Intensive dates for 2018 are July 2-6 and July 9-13.

Please contact Holly Koteen-Soulé at hollyksgarden@gmail.com for more information.

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