Craig Giddens

Craig is a Creative Speech teacher and Waldorf educator with more than 45 years experience working within the Anthroposophical Movement. He holds an MA (equivalent) from The London School of Speech, certification from the Goetheanum in Speech Formation and a diploma in Waldorf Education from Rudolf Steiner College. He has been a class teacher and speech teacher at a number of Waldorf schools as well as a mentor and visiting teacher to schools throughout the U.S. He was a founding member of the Center for Anthroposophy in New Hampshire, a founding member of the Speech School of North America and a founding faculty member of the Antioch New England Waldorf Teacher Training (1983) where he continues to teach speech, Anthroposophy and Waldorf courses. He is currently mentoring teachers and teaching speech at the Maine Coast Waldorf School in Freeport, Maine where he lives with his son John.