Cathy Buller

Cathy was born in San Francisco, raised in the SF Bay Area, and has called Seattle home for more than three decades. Her daughter Hannah V was in the first graduating class at Bright Water School (Seattle/2007), where Cathy's family was part of a strong community building the school. While in high school, Cathy discovered Rudolf Steiner's work through meetings with biodynamic/French Intensive gardener Alan Chadwick. Cathy's extended family includes several longtime participants in SF Bay Area Waldorf schools and teacher training institutes. Cathy studied Environmental Planning at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and worked for years on large-facility environmental assessments, permit projects, and pollution prevention initiatives. Her current work with ECOSS in Seattle helps manufacturing, maritime and other industrial businesses grow and thrive in Seattle. Cathy's recreation and recharge come from hands-on community projects, a little farming, a little dancing, and rowing on the Duwamish River. Cathy chairs Sound Circle's Development Committee and was a Foundation Year member of Sound Circle's Sapphire class.