Sound Circle Center for Arts and Anthroposophy

Special Event!   Friday, October 27 from 7.15 - 8.30 pm at Seattle Waldorf School, Meadowbrook Campus, 2728 NE 100th St, Seattle, Huckleberry Hall, $30.00

We welcome Christof Wiechert to speak to us about our task as teachers, caregivers and parents in the current climate of dealing with the unleashed energy in the news and media. The influences on both early childhood, grades and high school students has brought a new intensity to the questions and insecurities into our homes and classrooms, where we are flooded with images of racism, bigotry, refugees, immigration and chaotic environmental issues. How do we approach the enormity of all these questions with clarity and equanimity?"

Christof Wiechert is a well known lecturer and worldwide workshop leader who has spent over 30 years teaching at the Waldorf School in The Hague. He was also a student there. Christof co-founded the Dutch Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar, was the Head of the Pedagogical Section of the School for Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland for 10 years and is the author of several publications.